Brian is a versatile AI agent exposing a set of APIs that enables users to interact with Web3 by providing textual prompts to execute various Web3-related actions, such as "Can you swap 10 usdc for eth on Ethereum mainnet?"

The Brian App, built on top of Brian APIs, offers users an interface for performing transactions in a non-custodial way, researching web3 info, and deploying smart contracts by prompt.

Anything you can do on the Brian App, you can integrate into your application by simply using one API.

Integrating Brian API in your project, you can:

  • transaction: input a prompt and get the transaction object (such as: to, data, value) for different kinds of transactions such as swap, bridge, cross-chain swap, transfer, deposit and withdraw from defi protocols, register an ENS and so on

  • search: input a prompt and get a textual response GPT like and the web3 docs used to generate the text

  • smart contract: input a prompt and get the solidity smart contract code (look at the smart contracts supported)

  • more coming soon

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