🧠Use Cases

Wallets and Protocols

If you are a Wallet or a Web3 Protocol (DeFi, NFT, Goverancence, ...) you can implement Brian API to offer a straightforward UX to your users just by prompting in plain English.

Instead of spending time and money on building a complex UX you can offer prompt-based interactions. Implementing Brian doesn't mean you have to change all your application logic, you can use Brian to manage one or more specific flows of your app in a simpler way.

Let's make an example:

PiggyBank is a "classic" wallet that allows people to store tokens and make transactions. PiggyBank wants to offer cross-chain swaps to their users. PiggyBank can implement Brian API and let people making cross-chain swaps by prompting something like "I'd like to bridge 10 usdc to weth from gnosis to arbitrum".

DeFiWallStreet is a defi protocol, in particular a Decentralized options protocol. DeFiWallStreet has to build complex UX to allow users to rebalance their investment strategy. DeFiWallStreet could implement Brian API to have people making the rebalance by prompting "Can you rebalance my position ...?"

Bots and chat-based applications

If you are a bot (such as a telegram one) or, in general, a chat-based application you can implement Brian API to offer powerful capabilities in your app without changing the project scope.

Let's make an example:

TeleBot is a telegram bot used by traders and degen to get market info and share trading opportunities. TeleBot can implement Brian API to directly let people buying and selling token from the telegram bot using intent-based commands such as: /brian swap 10 $ of eth for link.

This way you can create innovative, but still non-custodial, solutions at the intersection of socialFI.

Developer Tool

If you are a developer Brian can be your trusted assistant who can speed up and facilitate your development, test, and workflow.

Do you need to write a smart contract? you can use Brian's APIs or Brian App to generate the Solidity Smart Contract code. Brian works well for simple smart contracts (such as erc20/erc721) and it can be a useful tool even for writing the basic logic of more complex smart contracts on which you can iterate.

Do you need to perform a swap/bridge or cross-chain call transaction? you can use Brian's APIs to retrieve the data, to and value and execute the transaction easily without having to rewrite everything or without using external protocol SDKs using your favorite library (Ethers, Viem, etc..). Just write "Can you give me the calldata, to and value for a swap of 10 usdc for eth on Uniswap on Optimism?"

Do you need to do type manipulation of parameters? for example you have a parameter in bytes32 format and you want to convert it to address you can do this using Brian's API. You can use Brian's APIs and just write "Can you convert this bytes32 0x... as an address?" Brian can be your trusted assistant who can speed up and facilitate your work.

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