📤Send Transactions

The Send Transactions feature allows users to perform transactions by prompting in plain English such as "Hey Brian, can you swap 100 usdc for eth on Polygon?".

The Send Transactions feature is non-custodial! You still have to sign the transaction with your wallet, we're not a custodial solution managing your pvt key.

Please read carefully the transaction you're executing!

Actions supported

In the Beta stage, we currently support the following actions on the supported Networks:

  • Swap -> eg. I want to swap 10 usdc to dai on Gnosis

  • Bridge -> eg. I want to bridge 10 weth from Gnosis to Arbitrum

  • Crosschain swap -> eg. I want to bridge 1.2 ETH to USDC from Base to Optimism

  • Transfer -> eg. I want to transfer 10 xDAI to vitalik.eth

  • Approve -> eg. I want to approve vitalik.eth to spend 10 usdc

  • Total Supply -> eg. what is the USDC total supply on Polygon?

  • Balance of -> eg. what is my wallet USDC balance?

How to send a transaction

1) Write a prompt representing an action

2) Brian generate the action description

3) You can check the transaction info and have a look at the protocol used and the fees to pay

4) Click confirm and sign the transaction with your wallet. That's it!

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