🚚Deploy Smart Contracts

The Deploy Smart Contracts feature allows users to generate, compile, deploy, and interact with smart contracts by prompting in English.

Try something like "write an ERC20 named Test with symbol TST and supply 100000".

How to deploy a Smart Contract

1) Prompt the description of a smart contract you'd like to generate

2) Brian will generate the solidity smart contract code

3) Click the edit button to manually edit the smart contract code

4) Click the Explain this button to have an AI text generated explaining the smart contract code

5) Click the Deploy button to compile and deploy the smart contract generated

How to interact with a deployed Smart Contract

1) Go to Deployed Smart Contracts on the Settings page. Here you can find all the smart contract deployed through Brian

2) Click on the Interact button and the Interaction page will open

3) Clicking on the info button (i) you can see the info of the deployed smart contract you're interacting with such as the methods available in the contract, the ABI and the smart contract code

4) Prompt in English how you want to interact with the smart contract

4) Click the Execute button to execute the transaction

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