Use Brian at your own risk. Always check the transaction you are confirming, because as it is a non-custodial solution, we are not responsible if you end up losing money!

Brian App is the first application built on the Brian API. You can:

  • Ask Brian: ask for information about supported protocols and chains. Brian will generate a response and indicate the resources used to generate it. Such as "What is Swarm?"

  • Send Transaction: build the transaction for the user by simply prompting in English. For the Beta we support: swap, bridge, cross-swap, transfer, balance, total supply and approve across 5+ networks

  • Deploy Smart Contracts: Here you can ask Brian to write, compile, deploy a smart contract for you by simply prompting in English

Brian is in the early Beta stage! We will update the App in this period. Our goal with this Beta is to gain experience, gather feedback, and evaluate business ideas.

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