Integrate Brian in your project via APIs.

Brian is an AI Agent Action built on langchain, exposing multiple API endpoints to interact with through English prompts for making web3 interactions.

Brian Agent is composed of a set of tools. Tools are interfaces that the Brian Agent uses to interact with the world.

At a high-level the Brian Agent:

  1. Receives user input from API

  2. Decides which tool, if any, to use and the tool input

  3. Calls the tool and records the output (also known as an "observation")

  4. Decides the next step using the history of tools, tool inputs, and observations

  5. Send the response to the user through API

You can also call each tool singularly, without passing via the AI agent.

Explore APIs

If you're from the US and experiencing latency issues, try using https://us-api.brianknows.org as the base URL for the APIs. Add /swagger to visit the Swagger page.

You can visit the Swagger page of the APIs at this link. Learn more about the APIs below.

🕵️pageAgent APIs⚒️pageUtility APIs

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