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📣 Update #1 - May 2024

New API release including the following updates:


  • new chain: Scroll

  • chain extraction from the text prompt such as swap 10 usdc to dai on Base. chainId in the body is now an optional parameter

  • address parameter in the body can now be an ENS (.eth) domain

  • the token amount can be expressed as a number ( swap 10 usdc to dai), as a dollar amount (swap 10 dollars of eth to dai), or as a percentage of the address balance passed into the body (swap half of my usdc to dai)

  • new supported actions:

    • DeFi actions:

      • direct deposit on Lido finance protocol

      • deposit to DeFi protocols using Enso solver

      • withdraw from DeFi protocols using Enso solver

    • ENS actions:

      • check ENS availability

      • check ENS expiration

      • ENS forward resolution

      • ENS reverse resolution

      • ENS registration cost

      • ENS registration and renewal

  • parallelization of solvers for swap and bridge, we now support Enso and LiFi for swap and bridge operations to provide an answer in case one of them fails or does not support the requested route

  • general bug fixing and minor improvements

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