🧑‍🍳Brian API resources

This page is under construction!

Here you can discover useful resources and open-source code of Brian API/SDK integrations.

Discord Bot

We developed a Brian bot that can be integrated into your Discord Server. You can install our bot by opening this link in your browser: Discord will prompt you to select the server in which you want to install the Brian bot.

The Brian bot integrates the /knowledge endpoint. Users can as questions about web3 topics and get a response on Discord.

The bot is really simple to use: you just need to type /ask in the message and add your prompt after it.

Brian will respond with your answer, along with all the links that were used to generate such response: you can click them and navigate further to expand your knowledge!

The Brian Discord bot is available and open-source on Github: check the README.md file for more information about how you can run it locally on your machine!


Here you can find the Brian Frame code. It leverages the /transactions endpoint to let users perform swap and bridge operations within a Frame following the open frame standard.

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