🍀Introduction to Brian

What is Brian?

Brian is a versatile AI agent exposing a set of APIs that enables users to interact with Web3 by providing textual prompts to execute various Web3-related actions, such as "Can you swap of 10 usdc for eth on Uniswap on Ethereum mainnet?"

Brian offers an API service to interact with, pass a prompt to the endpoint, and receive the desired data.

Why Brian?

Brian's mission is to set a new way of consuming web3 through text-based interaction.

For Protocols (Wallets, DeFi, NFT, Bot): Implementing Brian APIs, Protocols simplifies their UX by offering prompt interactions to their users.

For Developers: Brian is your time-saving assistant, streamlining daily tasks and making Web3 more accessible to all.

For Users: Brian offers a new way of interacting with web3 in a noncustodial way via prompts instead of using complex interfaces. For example, you can write "Can you bridge 10 usdc to dai from Arbitrum to Polygon?"

What can you do by implementing Brian API?

If you are an application or a protocol, you can offer your users a new way to interact based on prompts in English. Instead of building complex UX/UI, you can do everything through a simple prompt and unlock a completely new way of consuming web3.

If you are a developer, you can use Brian as a dev tool to improve your pipeline and testing phase by being able to have faster access to tools to manipulate data, extract transaction calldata for a swap or bridge, have access to tokens lists on different chains, execute transactions, quickly deploy contracts for testing, etc... starting from prompts.

For the transaction part, we are a completely non-custodial service, we don't perform the transaction on behalf of the user by managing a wallet or private keys but we return all the parameters to build a transaction. Integrating Brian into your application is smooth and doesn't require much effort, see examples here.

Who can use Brian?

Brian can be used by anyone in the web3 space:

  • Web3 users who want to perform on-chain operations by prompting

  • Projects and Protocol who want to integrate Brian API

  • Developers who want to deploy contracts or use in other ways Brian as an assistant in their work

  • Researchers who want to look for on-chain data by prompting

Users can interact with Brian on the main user interface here and through other projects that will integrate it like:

  • Wallets

  • Web3 protocols (DeFi, NFTs, Governance)

  • AI Agents solutions

  • Discord/Telegram bots

Ready to get started? Check out our Examples guide to start building with Brian today!

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